A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android

Mutant Gangland is a fast paced turn based strategy game for those with no need for micro management. Create units, capture buildings and wage war against a player or AI controlled opponent.

List of feature in the current version (Alpha 1):

  • A sandbox/free battle game mode
  • 8 maps
  • 2 factions: Mutants and Robots
  • 8 Commanders (4 mutants, 4 robots):
    • Each with different stats that affect unit performance and/or income
  • 10 units (5 for each faction)
  • Player vs Player (Local) or Player/AI vs AI battles
  • A level editor:
    • Load, create, edit and save maps.
    • place map tiles (ground/mountains/forest/water)
    • place buildings and units (neutral, player1, player2 - Houses and Factories)
    • Test the map from the editor
  • Play the game on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.
  • Game's source code available under the MIT license.

For a complete list of what to expect from this version of the game please click here. It contains the feature list, bugs, modding information, licensing and means to get in touch.

Note: There are problems with starting the game on OSX - Snow Leopard.

If you have any suggestions or are looking to keep track of updates or changes be sure to have a look here.


This game is currently unavailable