Road to RogueSweeper 2.0

Hi everyone,

Last week I posted on r/AndroidGaming about the game being on sale for 0.99$ in order to get some eyes on the game as I begin updating it again. As you know one year ago I left the industry to pursue a small career change and get rid of a severe burnout from work. Now I'm happy to announce that I'm coming back and picking things where I left off. And I'm starting with RogueSweeper since it's the smallest and easiest to update of my two currently in-dev titles: RogueSweeper and Ebony Spire: Heresy.

This being said RogueSweeper will go through some small changes over the next few weeks. The key list of features I'm focusing on right now are:

  • Improved UI (including in the Item Shop and re-doing the Main Menu)
  • More items
  • Visible Character stat sheet
  • Leaderboards and score boards.
  • immersive mode for Android.

People who bought the game when I initially launched it (back in 2015?): Anything specific that bugged you about the game that you want fixed? Let me know!

You don't own the game but want to try it in exchange for some feedback? Here, have some keys and let me know what you think:


Get RogueSweeper

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Thanks, for one of those keys. It is an interesting concept but I miss something. The numbers and here comes the problem because of the missing numbers I can't figure out how to avoid the traps. Maybe you should add some numbers because its a Minesweeper Game. For the Monsters I would bind the Level for defeating them to some numbers too. I think you should orientate a bit more on Mamono Sweeper.

Look for the lighting patterns :). You can deduce the traps based on how lights fade out.

But good suggestions. Going to revisit the game again after I finish the anniversary update for Ebony Spire (it drops this weekend).