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Have you considered adding achievements to this or any of your other games? I've been working on an open-source game achievement system called Gamerzilla.


Hi, destroyer.template and artil.action sounds are from which are licensed under GPL2/GPL3/CC-BY-SA3 (free choice) but is your game open source/copyleft? If you don't want that, you can simply remove the release(s) that contains these files and make a new release with replacements.


They sound alike indeed! I'll check and update jf needed as soon as I get back! Thanks for raising the issue! 

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I was hoping they do sound alike but they would not be the same thing. Turns out, they are the exact sounds from OGA link! Going to remove them and prepare some new builds as soon as I get home and can access the development pc - should be a few hours! 

Thank you for pointing this out!

Is the options menu fixed on linux? The text wasn't appearing for me in the demo.

Yes, it's fixed :)

The game changed a ton since the demo and the new UI is scalable without problems even for Super Ultra Wide resolutions.

Great :) Could you provide an updated demo?