Space Mercs officially launched on Itch!

Space Mercs officially launched on Itch for Linux and Windows! Purchasing the game awards a steam key which allows the game to be redeemed on Steam!

About the game:

Space Mercs is an extreme arcade space combat game where the amount of projectiles and lasers on-screen is only toppled by the amount of stars in the universe! Will you be able to complete all the mercenary missions and become the best pilot in the Galaxy?


  • Huge, real-time, space ship battles, with up to hundreds of spaceships on screen at the same time
  • Mission battles range from small (3-10 ships) and scale up into the gigantic sector wide battles (400-500 ships)
  • Single-player campaign where the stakes increase with every mission
  • Thousands of projectiles on screen at every time
  • Consistent graphics and performance even on really low hardware specs
  • Shooter-style control and flight system optimized for Keyboard and Gamepad use
  • Instant battle mode where you are thrown in a procedural generated battle of epic scales
  • Loadout system for ship weaponry and internal systems
  • Coffee-break design where you can pickup and play in short 3 to 10 minute sessions
  • Functional cockpit display
  • Battle Designer that allows you to create your very own battle with up to 4000 ships (available after completing the main missions).

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This looks really cool! Any change there might be a Mac release?   🙏

Only if I get my hands on a mac for long enough to do proper QA on it :(!

Actively looking for one but can't make any promises yet.

Sounds good though!  And good luck finding one! :)
Otherwise, I just remember there is wine/wineskin for Mac - I could give this a try